SANDY FICCA: Watching Ringo play with the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show was all the inspiration Sandy needed to passionately pursue playing drums (say that 3 Times fast). His dream finally came true a few years later when his mom went behind his dads back and bought him a drumset. The next day he was in a band and has never looked back.

An army brat born in Fayetteville, N.C., Sandy lived on bases in Germany and France before age six and played his first song ever on drums in the eighth grade while living in Germany. The song was Land of 1000 dances by Wilson Pickett.

After an adolescence back in to North Carloina, he moved to Tampa, Fla. for his high school years. A summer trip back to visit his Carolina relatives turned into a gig for Sandy. He stayed and played in bands which led to his first big gig with the 1960s R&B greats, The Drifters, who had such hits as “Under The Boardwalk” and “Up On The Roof.” It was an incredible learning experience at 18 years old. Living back in Florida a few of years later, Sandy left the road to play the club and lounge circuit around Florida. He then played with another R&B singer on CBS named Thelma Jones, a phenomenal singer who never received the success she deserved. Later Sandy tapped into the rich music scene in the Miami and Ft. Lauderdale area where hundreds of club gigs and recording sessions kept him busy for about ten years.

In October of 1984 Sandy was offered the drum seat in Firefall where he has stayed since.

Sandy now lives in southern Oregon with his awesome wife Sam and his great Golden Doodle (Wackadoodle) Stella.

“For all of you fans who read ‘Sixteen’ and ‘Creem’ magazines, as a kid this was my list of answers to all the burning questions my fans would ask me when I became a rock star. Although I have tasted the fringes of rock stardom, my list never made it into any magazines so here it is.

My favorite color is blue

My lucky number is nine (just like John Lennon)

My favorite foods have vastly changed since the original list. I love all kinds of foods from around the world.( used to be hot dogs and pizza)

My favorite bands are: old list-the Beatles,Zeppelin,all the great rock and R&B bands of the 60s and 70s. new list- Beatles, Zeppelin, all the great rock and R&B bands of the 60s and 70s plus a bunch of great newer bands such as Jarle Bernhoft, Ed Sheeran, Del Amitri, Matchbox 20, Tonic etc.

Favorite drummers-Ringo and Stevie Wonder (yea thats right)”