JOHN BISAHA: Born in New York, John Bisaha is a pure vocalist who has worked in various forms of the industry for many years. John has been honing his chops from a very early age, from fronting bands to television sitcoms and commercials, from character voice overs to equity-staged rock operas Jesus Christ Superstar, Godspeed, and Destiny Faire).

John has performed around the world with various groups, traveling throughout The Far East, Europe, and across the US. He has had the good fortune of working alongside and opening up for such artists as Roger Hodgson (Supertramp), Ricky Phillips (The Babys, Bad English, Styx), Dave Amato (REO Speedwagon), Blonde, DEVO, Tom Morello, Barenaked Ladies, John Densmore, Ozomatli, Heart, Cheap Trick, Robin Trower, Blue Oyster Cult, Jason Bonham, Trevor Rabin, and several other notable acts.

When John was three years old, he traveled across the country with his mom (Patti) and his uncle (Frank Haraksin) in what would be a family move for The Bisaha’s. Father (John) was driving with all the belongings soon thereafter to begin their life in California. On that drive – John (at THREE) found a love for singing – trying to mimic anything that happened to be on the radio. Once there in California, a chance audition for an AM radio station (KLAC) happened and John became a young jingle-singer for the radio station’s call letters. His love for singing grew.

In 1970 John’s indoctrination into all things music was well underway. His parents provided a nice foundation (being singers themselves on the corners of NYC) that included a who’s who of various genres: Smokey and The Miracles, The Spinners, 4 Tops, The Four Seasons (John LOVES Frankie Valli!), Carol King, James Taylor, Diana Ross, and The Carpenters. The Bisaha’s lived in Downey, California from the mid-60’s to the end of the 70’s. John played in a year-round sports program, playing baseball, football and basketball. One of the players on the team lived on the block perpendicular to The Carpenter’s household (of three joined homes on a cul-de-sac). The Carpenters would have end of year parties with the team, and a few of his team would go over and visit them. Richard was always aloof, but Karen was a sweet person and would welcome the boys. The first time John was there, Karen asked if anyone sang. John replied that he did! Karen then asked him to sit next to her on the piano and ran him through scales and pitches. She told John then and there that he would become a fantastic singer someday…

John was a member of several bands trying to make a name for themselves in the 80’s and early 90’s. TheNameless, Azure Blue, Hall of Souls were all established bands on the famous “Sunset Strip” in LA. The bands were able to book everywhere, were in demand, and actually made money playing their original tunes. Then one day in the early 90’s, the venues started having the acts pay for tickets and sell them, and hopefully make some sort of profit. And the days of “pay to play” were on…

So what to do when you’re a long-haired rock singer, where rock has been turned into flannel shirts, and if you weren’t into that, then bubble gum or rap music?

You turn into Jesus Christ…

And so for the better part of the 1990’s into 2000s, John was ‘divine’ on stages throughout the country. In addition to performing JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, John was also involved in two original rock operas – DESTINY FAIRE and GODSPEED. This kept him busy in the hopes that rock would come back around!

In 2008, John got the itch to get back into playing again. The band BISAHA (with wife Holly, son Johnny and daughter McKenna) were part of the band that included several members who played for some killer acts like Chris Cornell, the Saturday Night Live Band, David Bowie, and Toto. The band played several key shows, opening for Joan Jett, Foreigner, and Roger Hodgson before John received a call (in 2012) from a friend who had recommended him to be the new lead singer (after over 30 years!) for The Baby’s. After three months of auditions, John received the call that he was the guy. The Babys have been going ever since. In 2022, John was asked to sit-in on a FIREFALL show in Biloxi Mississippi that bassist Mark Andes was unfortunately unable to make. John had a great time subbing in for Mark. A few months later, The Babys were opening up for FIREFALL and John was asked to sit-in and sing on a few of their classic tunes after The Babys had played. It turned out to be a great fit. Soon after, Mark Andes decided to step away from the touring schedules and being in the band – and John slid-in and took up bass and vocal duties. And a good time is being and will be had by all!

**And now, FIREFALL is in the studio finishing their new FRIENDS AND FAMILY album, featuring their own versions of classic songs by other great 1960s and ‘70s bands (that the original Firefall members had – either been in, or had recorded or toured with)! FIREFALL’s two high singers, lead vocalists John Bisaha and Steven Weinmeister are having such fun singing lead and background vocals all over those fantastic songs of the past!

John can’t wait for you to hear these songs!